Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You Have Forsaken... My Eyes!

I knew that when I wrote the article about my return to Forsaken World this morning that I may have not been specific enough abut the reason why I did an instant-uninstall the last two times that I attempted to play the game. The auto-pathing issue is surely an annoyance but it is one that can easily be ignored. After playing the game again today, I encountered the one really horrible thing that apparently had disturbed me so much that I erased ever having the knowledge of it and that thing is... the quest dialogue box!

Designed by a blind person apparently...

It is very, very difficult to read the quest dialogue because of the lack of hard contrast between the text and the background. Sure, most people who play this game probably don't care about the story but when I play my massively multiplayer online role playing game, I read all of the quest details. Is this a way for the developer to discourage any close involvement between the player and the game world? Whether intentional or not, if I keep playing this game, my eyesight will deteriorate for sure... Oh I am so close of deleting this game off my hard drive again.

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