Sunday, March 22, 2009

Games Played 03/18/2009


XGIII: Extreme G Racing (2001)
Developer: Acclaim Studios Cheltenham
Platform: PlayStation 2
Purchase Date: 08/05/2001

The great architectural works in the game produce an overwhelming sense of scale.

The WipEout series is truly the king of all futuristic, weapon-based racing games. Acclaim almost stole that crown away from Sony with the release of XGIII, a brilliant game that features cool looking bikes and epic racing tracks. Just like WipEout, XGIII is simple to control but hard to master, especially at faster speed. The game allows you to purchase weapons to bring with you to the race which adds an element of strategy to the races. This also provides a better sense of control and experimentation because you don't have to depend on random power-ups while racing. The graphics are a sight to behold, most of them contain massive structures, twisting tracks, and an amazing view distance. The sense of speed is quite dramatic too - when you break through the speed of sound, you get to see a really sweet graphical transformation on the entire screen. The music as well as the sound effects are muted to accompany this effect, creating a zen-like state of pure gaming bliss.

LIBRARY STATUS: 5 out of 5

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