Friday, March 27, 2009

Games Played 03/24/2009

Boom Boom Rocket - X-Box 360
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - PSP
Resident Evil 5 - X-Box 360
Rez HD - X-Box 360


Vanishing Point (2000)
Developer: Clockwork Games
Platform: Sega Dreamcast
Purchase Date: 12/31/2000

Can you count the number of vanishing points in this screenshot?

The game's title may imply that it is a complex and technical racing simulation - the game even contains in-depth statistical information about each of the real-world vehicles that the player gets to control - but it's actually not. It's an arcade racer, pure and simple. The controls are very floaty though and if you hit anything during the race, be it another car or the side of the road, you will find yourself spinning out of control. Perfection is a must in the game. Unlike other arcade racers, the game has an element of rally racing in it where your position in the race is determined by how fast you can get to the multiple checkpoints on the tracks. You still see your opponents on the road but it's never about physically driving pass them to win. Vanishing Point still looks great, with smooth frame rate and high resolution textures. I love the imaginative stages and the serious tone of the soundtracks. The game has the weirdest loading screen in racing game history: an x-ray vision of of skeleton driving a car from many different angles.

LIBRARY STATUS: 4 out of 5

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