Sunday, March 8, 2009

Games Played 03/05/2009

Outlaw Tennis - X-Box
Star Ocean: The Last Hope - X-Box 360
Street Fighter IV - PlayStation 3


Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (2003)
Developer: Blue Tongue
Platform: X-Box
Purchase Date: 03/29/2003

Building a park filled with real life dinosaurs can get a bit expensive.

Operation Genesis may be a a theme-park simulation game but this fact remains: it is the most accurate Jurassic Park-based game ever made. Just think about it for a minute: It involves the actual creation of the park but unlike the catastrophe that happens in the movie, you get to be smarter than the billionaire John Hammond (whose voice-acted quite horribly in the game by the way) and make the park a successful endeavor by being able to actually open it to the public. It's quite a brilliant concept that gets better with the implementation of a Land Cruiser tour through certain parts of the park! You also get to experience - to a certain degree - the panic found in the movie when things go haywire and your visitors' lives suddenly become endangered. If the graphics were better and there were more variety of dinosaurs to place behind those giant electric fences, this could have easily been a masterpiece. Can we get a sequel please?

LIBRARY STATUS: 4 out of 5

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