Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wii Menu 4.0 is Here!

I am just loving Nintendo right now. Back in May of last year, I criticized the Nintendo Wii's small internal storage capacity when the memory-hogging WiiWare games became available on the Wii Shop Channel. I mentioned that the logical solution would be to utilize the SD Card slot on the console and today, Nintendo has made that dream into a reality for Wii owners! Just merely hours ago at the Game Developers Conference, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced the new Wii Menu 4.0 that is available to be downloaded... Immediately! The update allows downloaded games that are saved to the SD Card to be launched directly from a special menu without having to move them to the Wii's internal memory! It was a total pain before to manage between the two memory spaces and now, the Wii is finally ready to really support downloadable games. As a side note, the Wii Shop Channel are now selling classic arcade games as well but that's nothing compared to the menu update!

Notice anything different?

Beautiful, just beautiful. Now, if we can only get customizable themes for the menu...

There is some loading time involved when launching games directly from the SD Card.
Not to worry though, it merely lasts several seconds.

Oh yes! You can now download the games you purchase directly to the SD Card!

With this update, Nintendo lifted the 2GB cap on the SD Card so I'm not holding back!

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