Friday, March 20, 2009

Resident Evil 5 Home Space

Looks similar to the actual game. Quite impressive.

I took a nice little stroll inside the Resident Evil 5 Home Space last night. It's supposed to be a representation of the "Shanty Town" stage from the game. Though it's small in size, I must say that I am pretty impressed with what Capcom has added into the place that is beyond anything else you can find in the ever boring Home application. I really adore the movie set vibe where you see a lot of high res, tongue-in-cheek posters of how Capcom has transformed the area into what you see in the game. It's quite brilliant. And then there is also this:

Wicked cool! Nice little tease.

I don't know. The PlayStation 3 version of the game suddenly looks a bit more tempting right now, especially after that situation from earlier this week. There were a lot of people socializing inside the RE5 home space when I was there, so it may be easier to find like-minded players to co-op with. I'm still a bit partial towards the X-Box 360 version at the moment but we shall see.

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