Monday, March 23, 2009

Eventuality of OnLive

Something creepy, ominous, and dangerously groundbreaking is about to hit the video gaming world. OnLive promises to eliminate the need for video game consoles and expensive personal computers to deliver a high end gaming experience (up to 720p that is). How does it work? Think of it as Video On Demand, only A LOT more interactive. If it succeeds, video gaming will change forever and we will never be plagued ever again by childish console wars, troublesome backward compatibilities, and frequent cycling of newer hardware/consoles. The service is slated to be available later this year and its website is going to open tomorrow so that everyone can discover just how revolutionary this is going to be.

Looks like I may live to see the end of multi-platform gaming after all.
If everything works as planned that is... Good luck, OnLive.

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