Monday, May 14, 2012

Steam: Now Invading a GameStop Near You!

Oh this is so unexpected. Steam has partnered up with GameStop to have the retailer sell Steam Wallet Codes to their customers. I am not sure if this whole situation supposed to be ironic or just plain sadistic. I mean, you know that GameStop retail stores are going to disappear in the near future due to digital distribution of games but now they are working with Steam in selling money for people to put into their Steam Wallet. The other part that's confusing to me is the fact that Valve chose GameStop for this in the first place. 7 Eleven, maybe, but GameStop? I mean, no Personal Computer gamers in their right mind would ever stop into a retail store anyway these days to pick up games because, well, Steam is all digital though some games do get physical copies that can be registered into your Steam account. And I thought GameStop hated digital download distributors because they are definite cause of Gamestop's eventual nonexistent retail business? Maybe GameStop is just embracing its fate and decided to make some last bit of money before the ability to do that via retail is gone. It is more likely that this is just Valve's ploy to get the Steam brand into the minds of those crazy console-only gamers so that those maniacs can finally learn about the powerhouse of gaming experience offered by the Steam service. I can see it now... A couple of console-only gamers walking into their favorite GameStop, saw the Steam Wallet Codes, and started asking the clueless GameStop employees about Steam. Smart move Valve but yes, very, very sadistic of you. Click here to learn more abut the Steam Wallet Codes.

At first I was like, "What the heck is GameStop doing in my Steam?"

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