Friday, May 18, 2012

Gaming with Ranidaphobia: Frog Meal

Frogs. What is it about frogs that inspire game developers to  feature them so predominantly in their games? Just think about that gigantic frog in Trine 2 - replacing it with a chameleon would have worked perfectly, right? But no, they just have to put a frog there instead. At least that frog wasn't doing anything crazy... like swallowing a person whole but that is exactly the kind of frog I found while playing Diablo III for the Personal Computer. I mainly play as the Witch Doctor and he has access to a spell called "Rain of Toads". Just the name of the spell brought the fear deep into my soul but after using it, it was actually not bad at all. You just see small little frogs jumping everywhere. These small frogs look really simple graphically: they just look green. I didn't like the spell anyway so I don't use it at all but even if I got stuck with it, it wouldn't be a problem for me. When my level was high enough, I eventually gain access to the "Toad of Hugeness" skill rune for that spell and I became curious. You know what curiosity did to all those unfortunate cats right? Well, it almost did the same to me. When you cast this spell, a huge toad appears out of nowhere and actually swallows one of your enemies whole. Yes, the tongue sticks out like Yoshi from those beloved Nintendo games and yanks the unfortunate victims in. I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth when it happened. Yes, this is why I hate frogs. They are evil and they can fit you into their slippery, elastic mouths...

I will never cast that spell again... Ever!

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