Saturday, May 26, 2012

Is That Even LIVE Gold Related?

As I have mentioned not too long ago, my LIVE Gold subscription is expiring soon. Microsoft of course knows this and added a user-specific ad on the dashboard to remind me of that fact - little do they know that I don't give a unicorn's buttocks about its imminent dissipation. When I clicked on the ad to check out Microsoft's oh-so-generous offer (compared to the free online play offered on all other platforms), I immediately noticed that there was something wrong about the image that was used for the promotion. Please take a look:

So the Gold Membership will provide me with two kids and family game time?

It really doesn't make sense. Shouldn't that be a picture of four people talking via split screen to indicate that they are playing together from different locations? Or perhaps something a lot more accurate, like a picture of all those unnecessary apps like Netflix and Hulu for example, apps that can be accessed for free anywhere else other than on the X-Box 360? Not that honesty in your advertising would ever bring me back to LIVE Gold, Microsoft...

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