Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Best Time to Play League of Legends

Well, actually, anytime is a great time to play League of Legends on the Personal Computer but this weekend, starting Friday June 1st 7pm PDT until Monday June 4th 7am, is definitely the best time to play this game like ever. You want to know why? Well, to celebrate the game's success in gathering 3.4 million likes on Facebook, Riot Games is boosting Influence Points gain by 34%! The coolest thing here is that the more people like the page, the higher the bonus boost will become. Not familiar with IPs? Well, they are used as a currency in LoL and they are generously awarded to you every time you complete a match. This means that you can unlock runes and champions 34% faster by playing the game like crazy this weekend. If you are new to LoL, this is the perfect time to start playing so that you can gain access to more champions quicker! The game is truly free to play - you don't have to pay a single dime to access the complete gameplay experience. Click here to open your summoner account now so that you can take advantage of this incredible opportunity. You can read more about this celebratory period by clicking here.

Update Note: 8:31pm - Forget 34%... It's now double IP weekend! Stop being stubborn if you haven't experienced LoL and start playing the game already! You won't regret it. If you're scared of getting matched with rude people, read my Social Tips for New Players and you should be good to go!

This should be the proper way to punish those who don't play LoL.

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