Friday, May 11, 2012

Impossible Crossover Now Possible

Today, Capcom's Street Fighter x Tekken has finally been released for the Personal Computer. It's a game that I have been looking forward to because the very idea of having Street Fighter characters fighting Tekken characters is just so preposterous and crazy, you can't help but to say yes to the whole thing. If really thought that Tekken vs. Virtua Fighter would happen first before this game because those two games directly compete with each other and such pairing makes a lot more sense. Still, Capcom is able to make it happen, despite all the grumblings in regards to the developer's greedy practices: withholding the full character roster as well as the extra costumes only to be unlockable later thus securing more money from the customers.

You know it's hot when Ryu is posing with a guy other than Ken.

How do I feel about Capcom's greed? Well, it's expected. This game is a huge deal, just like how Street Fighter IV was and they know that they can make a lot of money from it. At least we should be thankful that they are committing to just provide all the additional updates into the main game via downloadable contents instead of opting for standalone releases like they did with SFIV and Marvel vs. Capcom 3. I can agree that it's annoying but since I find much value in the game, it doesn't bother me - as you can probably gather from me purchasing that costume pack for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition last year - as much as it bothers those who found it to be inexcusable. We all have to remember that the gaming industry is a cutthroat business and developers need to do whatever they possibly can to secure some good revenues in.

Capcom's visual interpretation of Tekken characters is brilliant.

Now on to the game itself. Performance-wise, though this should be expected by now from Capcom's other console ports, SFxT performs beautifully on my Personal Computer, running at native 1920 x 1080 at silky smooth 60 frames per second with everything maxed out. I have heard people complaining about how laggy the online matches are. The one match that I was able to find with an opponent in the same region with a 3 bar connection and an "A" benchmark rating had no lag but there was hardly anyone playing this game online when I was searching earlier with those criteria selected. Gameplay wise, I really like how the Tekken characters play and the adjustments made to the Street Fighter characters to balance out the roster. It's a 2 versus 2 game but the round will end when one of the fighters in your team falls. Its tag-empowered mechanics encourages players to link combos and play really aggressively. It feels like a Street Fighter game with a little bit of Tekken thrown in. It doesn't feel as polished as SFIV and it is somewhat disappointing that the Capcom fighters look the same as they did in SFIV - it would have been cooler if they get new 3D models and animation - but what really makes this game enjoyable is the cast from Tekken. They all look fresh and new though definitely a bit too jolly than their usual selves. Their signature moves made it into the game but they don't look as flashy as the ones that the Street Fighter guys have in their disposal. I am really looking forward to explore this game more but too bad that the spouse would never touch the second controller to play the local co-op mode. Well, at least the game allows me to find an online co-op partner. I hope there will be plenty of people looking for one because I really do "Love to Tag".

My two favorite girls in the same game! No... Vega is not one of them.



Chalgyr Vokel said...

Loved your first impressions. You know, I've never found costume packs or any of that to be inexcusable. I don't buy them, but I'm a huge fan of having the option there if someone wants to, you know? And for people who complain about the costumes being on disc, I recall reading years ago that DLC costumes are tricky things online because your opponent won't see that skin if they haven't downloaded it too. If you want the new skin/costume and want to show it off, having the content on the disc at this point is kind of a 'must' it seems.

I haven't yet picked this one up. This and Soulcalibur V are both on my fighters-to-grab-soon list as I am a huge tkken and Street Fighter fan. :)

Loner Gamer said...

Thanks. Will you be getting SFxT on the PC?

Developers can avoid all the violent customer rage by just sticking with full digital distribution of extra skins/characters instead of leaving the data on the disc. They did this with Marvel Ultimate Alliance games and that recent Mortal Kombat. I think we shouldn't worry about other people being able to see the extra costumes if those people choose not to download the optional data as long as we get to enjoy them. Or the developers can just make the costumes data a mandatory patch to honor the paying customers.

Chalgyr Vokel said...

I do think the mandatory patch thing's a perfectly reasonable expectation. As for system? I'll probably get it for the PS3 on discount later. A) it'll be cheaper and my son and I both play PS3 online quite a bit, so that's proooobably the route I'd go unless it showed up super-cheap on pc before then.