Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just 1 More Month to LIVE

I think it is safe for me to conclude, once again, that the X-Box LIVE Gold subscription has no place in my gaming life. About two months ago, I got a 3-month free access to LIVE Gold and since then, I have played zero seconds of online games on the X-Box 360. I don't care about the other worthless features of the LIVE Gold subscription - I can cross-game chat and even cross-platform chat using Skype or Steam and get access to streams and social sites for free on the Personal Computer. Mind you that it's not that I was never on the 360: I actually like to jump on the 360 usually during the early evening. The friend of mine who was supposed to play some online games with me decided to actually quit LIVE Gold in early April, after failing to appear throughout the month of March. He was the reason why I even considered getting the $1 for a month LIVE Gold subscription because he was insisting that I come back for some online fun: So glad I didn't waste my money. It's not like this is the only time I am left disappointed with my return to LIVE, there was that free month in December of last year and that proved to be useless as well. June 6th is actual date when my LIVE Gold expires. I doubt anything exciting is going to happen before then.

Maybe it would help if the beacons can go beyond your registered friends list.


Chalgyr Vokel said...

I get the minimum out of my Gold subscription, and while I am annoyed that I have to pay one at all, the annoyance at not being able to play some of my online games (halo, Gears, mass effect) outweighs the aggravation of paying, so I still plunk down yearly money.

We only rarely use the netflix or hulu options - we use it on our PS3 more (which is free) and only really use it on the xbox when the PSN servers are acting up.

Loner Gamer said...

The online modes for the Gears of War series, at least the first two games that I played, were fun. The problem is that they wouldn't last the whole entire year. Microsoft added the other fluff to the paid service to justify that they are charging people to play online multiplayer. They need to split the features and offer online multiplayer for free. They don't have to worry... A lot of people would still pay for LIVE Gold just to gain access to uh, "party chat" and all the other junk because to put it simply, there are not a lot of smart people out there.

Chalgyr Vokel said...

I agree completely. that's why if there's a game with multiplayer we are getting for my house, we almost always get it for ps3 - my kids can play online for free (obviously MS specific titles like gears or halo - this doesn't work) :P

Loner Gamer said...

Thus the reason why Microsoft still hasn't released the newer Gears and Halo games for Windows - they know that the market is there but LIVE multiplayer on the PC is free and they won't be able to rake in the dough.