Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Achievement Enhancements Now!

As you may know, I am not a big fan of the whole "achievement" craze that got its start on the X-Box 360. When it comes to "task unlockers" though, the one found on Steam is definitely the best one there is. Playing Diablo III over the last couple of days reminded me however that when it comes to the actual presentation, Blizzard's own achievement pop-up is certainly the best in the business. I am of course only talking about the aesthetics here, not the function because placing number values on top of achievements for me is still a cheesy idea. As with the achievement pop-up in their other game, World of Warcraft, whenever you unlock an achievement in DIII, a beautiful icon and description popped up on the screen with sparkling golden flashes. It definitely feels infinitely more celebratory than those found on Steam, the PlayStation 3, and the 360. This leads me to this question: how come there hasn't been an update yet for the looks of achievement pop-ups for the platforms I mentioned? You know how generic that one on the X-Box 360 looks and it's worse on the PlayStation 3 and Steam. If you think that the "chie/phie" whores are horrible now, just wait to see how much crazier they will get if the achievement pop-up looks as beautiful as Blizzy's, which is of course a good thing for developers because if they offer easy achievement/trophies, they will get guaranteed sales! Wait are you waiting for Microsoft/Sony/Valve? Do it! Make those achievement pop-ups pretty!

Update Note: 05/17/2012 - I must also add that the friend achievement notification that pops up whenever your friend unlocks an achievement is a great idea that should be implemented everywhere as well. It can be turned on and off in case you have too many friends playing and it pops up non-stop. It would be entertaining to see the announcements while playing on the 360 for example, especially when an achievement whore is in heat and I am sure "chie/phie" whores would appreciate this feature very much. It would be funny because they won't play until their friends are online to get the full effect of the whoring session.

Not sure which is cuter: the actual pop-up or the name of the achievement.

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