Monday, May 7, 2012

No Stink of Fish Poop: Digital Aquarium

When Fishdom HD for the iOS by Playrix Entertainment was offered as a free download sometime last week, I snatched it up immediately and I have been playing it a lot whenever I get a chance to: on the bed, on the toilet, during game load screens, during dinner, and so on and so forth. The game is a puzzle plus digital aquarium hybrid. The puzzle aspect of the game requires you to clear colored panels on a large board by matching three or more similar aquatic-themed icons. When you have completed a level, you are rewarded with cash that can then be spent on your digital aquarium. It's quite addicting, especially for someone like me who is crazy about aquariums, digital or otherwise. And yes, I may have aquaphobia but aquariums are okay with me.

There are three different tanks for you to work on!

While showing my pimped up aquarium to the spouse today, I came up with a brilliant idea:The Fishdom HD aquarium should be a permanent fixture of  my Game Room. I managed to accomplish this by using the game's view mode to remove all the user interface so that the aquarium can be admired in full view and then turning off the screen locking function of the iPad. I then placed the iPad on a stand on top of the game cabinet next to the entertainment center and this will become the permanent storage location for my iPad. I also muted the game music while leaving the sound effect on and the result? A cool looking digital aquarium! Sure the game looks cartoon-ish but the movement and animation of the fish in the game are actually pretty darn impressive. Everything is so colorful and it's relaxing to see the random movement of the fish. The fact that I can always change things up on the screen makes this the best aquarium ever! Well, real fish is always way cooler but this is certainly almost as exciting!

Now I don't have to buy that small aquarium for my room anymore hun.


Chalgyr Vokel said...

The article was all well and good, but I kept laughing at the no fish poop title :P

Loner Gamer said...

Them fish are no angels... If you don't clean up the tank in a week, oh such sweet aroma.