Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Soraka is Still Ugly but Who's Counting?

The visual upgrade for League of Legends on the Personal Computer is finally live today. As if this game wasn't addicting enough to begin with, now, it will be more impossible than ever before to get away from this game. I am glad that they didn't go for the aesthetic overhaul that they had previewed before but instead, they just focused on adding more details to the game map. The game was pleasing to the eyes before but after you have seen this upgrade, there is certainly no turning back. The difference is like night and day. The game looks quite expensive now and a bit darker in its overall tone, which is perfect to complement the arrival of the game's new champion, Darius, who can guillotine his enemies - complete with a nasty looking gore effect.  The bushes where you can hide in look less geometric now, the water transparencies look more convincing, and the ground textures are more varied with deeper, more varying color palettes. One of the game's 98 champions, Ashe, has even gotten a new character model as well and hopefully, this will continue to happen to the in-game models of the older champions because they don't look as good as the new ones, with Soraka being the ugliest. The coolest thing about the Ashe update is that all of her alternative skins have been revamped as well and her Queen Ashe skin that I bought is now looking a lot more gorgeous! Riot Games, you guys are the best! If you have not played LoL, now is the perfect time to start! Click here to create your new summoner account. The game is 100% free to play! Join now! Click here to read the details of the game's latest patch.

With Diablo III being out, this visual upgrade is a great move to keep people playing.

Now that is a queen!

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