Monday, December 8, 2008

Review: Qore Episode 7 - December 2008

The December 2008 issue of Qore is available to be downloaded for free in an effort to get more people subscribing to it. I feel a bit sorry for those who have purchased the full year subscription of this supposed "highly interactive, monthly lifestyle gaming program" from Sony because they are now cheated a month's worth of content.

These contents should be free!

So what is Qore exactly? It's a low content interactive magazine of sort for the PlayStation 3, filled mostly with videos from developers who are pushing hard to promote their upcoming products and screenshots of those games. There are a number of Qore "exclusive" demos to download but they are only open to those who subscribe yearly. The videos are presented in high definition and look great. Still, the bits of information I gathered from the Skate 2, Damnation, and the new Bionic Commando developer interview videos are stuff that I can easily find free on the web. The "New Orleans" video is very misleading and ended up being a shameless self-promotion, Sony-style. Sony also took the opportunity to use Qore as a vehicle to promote upcoming Blu-ray releases. Before I forget, there is an exclusive Killzone 2 theme found within and yes it looks absolutely horrendous... The included Blast Qore game? Yawn.

"This upcoming Blu-ray featurette is boring... Let's put Audrey in there!~"

Overall, this thing is really not worth a single penny. The limited amount of demos - the most touted being Flock! from Capcom - would have benefited the developers more if they just release them straight to the PlayStation Network Store because of the access to a broader range of audience. The hosts are authentic enough, I think Audrey Cleo is really just there for the eye candy - watch out for the little tease she did in one of the Skate 2 videos - while Veronica Belmont is certainly the best video gaming host I have ever seen because of her natural poise and grace, easily eclipsing the fakeness found in the likes of Jessica Chobot, trixie360, and the two manufactured X-Play fools. I do recommend everyone to download this free issue just to see what a wasted effort this whole thing really is as something that Sony actually wants you to pay for to experience.

RATING: 1 out of 5

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