Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Games Played 12/03/2008

Culdcept Saga - X-Box 360
Gears of War 2 - X-Box 360
UNO - X-Box 360


MTV Music Generator 3: This is the Remix (2004)
Developer: Mixmax Limited
Platform: X-Box
Purchase Date: 2004

It's not as easy to work with as it looks... But if you want easy, go with Wii Music.

As an artistic person, I am always attracted to video games that celebrate creative freedom. I own two of these Music Generator "software" - the other one being MTV Music Generator 2 for the PlayStation 2. Though I am always excited about the idea of making my own music, truth to be told, I have not made much use of both titles. I tend to do more writing and drawing (as well as too much video gaming) and those things take away most of my free time. Even with the small amount of time spent with MG2 and MG3, I still regret not picking up Funkmaster' Flex's Digital Hitz Factory alongside those two...

LIBRARY STATUS: 3 out of 5

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