Monday, December 29, 2008

Games Played 12/27/2008

Culdcept Saga - X-Box 360*

*Went to brunch and then it was all Culdcept all day and night!


Street Fighter Alpha Anthology (2006)
Developer: Capcom Co., Ltd.
Platform: PlayStation 2
Purchase Date: 06/16/2006

Chun Li + Track Bottom = Hotness!

In a lot of ways, the upcoming Street Fighter IV reminds me of the Street Fighter Alpha series = they are both pretty much the same game as Street Fighter II, only with a cooler vibe and a new artwork. I guess it's hard to make new characters that people could love... I really can't blame them for wanting to bring back the likes of Ryu, Ken, and Chun Li to the new game but almost the entire SFII cast dominating the title with a very small dose new characters? That's baloney. My disappointment with IV's cast is probably not a popular opinion. I am going to hold my final thoughts about that game until I actually play it... Back to Anthology - a great collection that contains all of the Alpha games, my favorite being number 2 because number 3 is just too over-embellished and the multi-isms just feel a bit indecisive. The addition of Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix really sweetens the deal and it plays great too.

LIBRARY STATUS: 5 out of 5

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