Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Games Played 12/05/2008

Burnout Revenge - X-Box 360
Call of Duty 3 - X-Box 360
Culdcept Saga - X-Box 360
Gears of War 2 - X-Box 360
Ikaruga - X-Box 360
Uno - X-Box 360


Metroid Prime (2002)
Developer: Retro Studios
Platform: Nintendo GameCube
Purchase Date: 11/22/2002

A clever interpretation of what Samus sees from inside her iconic suit.

Nintendo seems to have all the luck and talent when transitioning their 2D franchises into 3D. Though many won't admit it, Mario's transition was a bit rough with Super Mario 64 until Nintendo reached perfection in the forms of Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. Amazingly, Metroid Prime was able to skip a bumpy transition process because of the nature of the original 2D games' sensibilities in the first place coupled with some thoughtful design decisions. You see, the Metroid games have always been about large scale adventuring that mostly take place in narrow corridors. So even though Prime is in first person perspective, unless when morphed into a ball, the "3D gameplay" is really kept to a minimum. Adding the auto-lock feature on Samus' weapons further elliminate unnecessary imprecisions and it elevates the game into the most playable and fun third-person-shooter/platformer/adventure hybrid game ever made.

LIBRARY STATUS: 5 out of 5

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