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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Culdcept Saga: Completion Celebration II

The road was long and treacherous, filled with tricky requirements and mostly dumb but sometimes infuriatingly lucky A.I.s... It was all worth it in the end because now, I have all the avatar parts for Culdcept Saga! Sometimes, while I was trying to get one thing done, I ended up doing something else and those moments lead to many epiphanies on just how deep this game's complexity truly is. One time I was trying to get a Powder Eater to kill a dragon but instead, I ended up doing massive invasions that lead to me obtaining a different avatar part. Fun!

This accomplishment really makes me want to get 100% card and medal completion for the PlayStation 2 version so expect to see me play it every so often until all the deeds are done.

The last part that prompted the completion of my collection.

My favorite look!

I am an avid collector, apparently.

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