Saturday, December 20, 2008

Games Played 12/15/2008


God Hand (2006)
Developer: Clover Studio Co., Ltd.
Platform: PlayStation 2
Purchase Date: 10/11/2006

Those bad guys will never know what hit them.

The title has a serious tone to it but this game is anything but that. It is perhaps one of the most offbeat game ever made and sadly, it is Clover Studio's final game before they got dissolved. Maddeningly difficult at times, the game demands constant button mashing but it's deeper than that fortunately because of the large amount of fighting moves and upgrades available for the game's hero, Gene. The intentionally super cheesy and rancid voice acting, soundtrack, and storyline had me laughing hard throughout the length of the game. Some of the fighting moves are so out there and are hilarious to execute. The thrills may be cheap and the jokes unsavory but this game is truly one of the best beat-'em-ups ever made.

LIBRARY STATUS: 5 out of 5

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