Monday, January 25, 2010

Mass Effect: Console Confusion

I don't know, I just have a very curious and very demanding brain. While ravenously playing through the Personal Computer version of Mass Effect in preparation for Mass Effect 2 that's arriving tomorrow - I know for sure now that I won't make the deadline - I decided to install the X-Box 360 Mass Effect last night just to check out how things used to look there. Of course, doing that lead me into playing my level 50 console Shepard for a couple of hours! I don't know, she just looks so stunning in the kick-butt red armor.

My level 50 360 Shepard dropping it like it's hot...

Anyway, the difference is of course very clear: the frame rate is noticeably lower on the X-Box 360 and the up-scaled 1080p cannot touch the pristine clarity of the game's native 1080p resolution on the PC. I did notice however that the PC version uses some of the lower texture resolutions of the clothing and armors found on the console, especially on non-player characters. That's somewhat disappointing, the fact that Demiurge Studios, who was responsible for the PC port, had a lot of time to clean up these mediocre texture works. I have a feeling that the same won't happen with the sequel since it's more of a PC game ported to the X-Box 360 and BioWare is handling the development on both platforms themselves: I do feel that BioWare is being bad because the 360 owners will have to do some disc-swapping (ewww) while playing the sequel. I guess they haven't heard about the HDD installation feature of the console? I do think that I have to delete my HDD installation of the game on the X-Box 360 or I may be tempted to go back in there to squeeze in a couple of more hours of gameplay!

...but I need to get to where the real action is: My level 20 PC Shepard.

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