Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nice Collector's Edition: Mass Effect 2

I have written about "Bad Special Edition" releases of games several times before, like this one for Demon's Souls. It is only appropriate that I also write about the "nice" ones and what a good way to start with the Collector's Edition release for Mass Effect 2. I don't just blindly pick up these "special releases" just because I am interested in the games themselves. I look for the overall design aesthetics of those releases so it's never just about the additional contents either. I do like metal cases a lot though: it's an easy way to convince me to spend a bit more on a game.

Insert inappropriate sliding-related metaphor here.

Mass Effect 2 Collector's Edition comes with a nice cardboard sleeve - I surely do love these stylish sleeves too - that houses the game's metal case for the discs and another cardboard sleeve for the included comic and art book. There's that futuristic minimalist approach to the overall design of the entire package with the moody and somewhat gory cover art on the game box and a brooding male Shepard on the metal case. The glitchy Cerberus Network card is nicely designed and I appreciate the fancy gold embossing done on it. Click here if you are interested to know more details about the contents of the Collector's Edition. If you decide to get the Personal Computer version of this special release, you gain another additional benefit: It's cheaper than the X-Box 360 version, not to mention that it's also technically superior.

This is why the Digital Deluxe Edition should only be sold for around $39.99.


Dan said...

Absolutely cannot wait to jump into this one. I am sure your having a great time with this puppy! :)

Loner Gamer said...

Not yet - My rigid determination to create a Mass Effect character to transfer from the first game into the sequel is stopping me from actually playing the sequel. It's quite funny.

I completed the first game on the X-Box 360 - If only BioWare created a way to transfer data between platforms via their server... That would have been helpful. I am halfway trough the first game on the PC though, so it's not going to be long before I can ravish the sequel!