Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mass Effect 2 Prep Result

Over the last 6 days, I have made a valiant effort to finish playing through the original Mass Effect so that I can have my character transferred to Mass Effect 2. This whole thing seems like a chore, especially the fact that I have already completed the first game a couple of years ago on the X-Box 360. For a brief moment, there was a hint of regret in my mind about this whole exercise - that I should have decided on continuing my Mass Effect adventure on the 360 since I have a character who is ready for the continuation on that platform. But I know that I am doing the right thing here: In the end, the overall experience is better on the PC. I am about ready to go to sleep and this is what I have gotten so far:

So I was able to clock in about 20 hours of playtime. During my 360 run, I completed the game in about 40 hours so I am almost getting to the halfway mark though this may not be necessarily true because I am able to find a number of quests that I have never encountered before during my first play-through: I may be looking at another 30 hours of gameplay before I can get to the end of the game! The good thing about this is that at least I am having a lot of fun with this process. Since I am going to dive straight into the sequel once I am done with the first game, this whole experience is going to be really epic since it's going to feel like it's just one very, very long game.

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