Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Games Alert: Bad Cerberus Network Edition!

3 new games are being inducted into my Game Library today, Mass Effect 2 Collector's Edition and Risen for the Personal Computer as well as Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars for the Nintendo Wii. The first two are action role playing games, one involving the vastness of outer space and the other, the vastness of a fantasy world. For those who are familiar with Capcom's Vs. series, Tatsunoko is a triumph of the fighting genre that also marks a satisfying victory for North American gamers because the game is actually being released outside of Japan after a nightmare of licencing issues and the threat from its smaller, niche market appeal.

3 incredibly exciting games in one day: I am spoiled.

I have installed Mass Effect 2 on my PC. Everything is running smoothly so far and after seeing the first few minutes of the game, I really cannot wait to finish the first Mass Effect so I can start playing this sequel! Those who bought the Collector's Edition like I did may encounter a problem with their free "Cerberus Network" card that comes with a code to unlock additional contents for the game. I am unfortunately, one of the unlucky ones and I am waiting for Electronic Arts and BioWare to fix the problem before I can claim my code. The problem occurred because the unique codes were duplicated as codes to unlock a special armor in the game: so it was a matter of who gets to enter the codes first. What a mess! [Update Note: The fix arrived really fast!]

That is just totally shameful. I hope I can claim my Cerberus Network code very soon...

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