Friday, January 8, 2010

Return to Demigod!

I haven't played Demigod in a long time. The last recorded playtime I had with the game was in November of last year. Several days ago, I decided to check it out again to see if the long awaited new Demigods have been released into the game. I was delighted to find out that two new characters have joined the game's cast of unique characters: Demon Assassin and Oculus. These new Demigods, like the others, are definitely well-crafted and astutely designed. Unfortunately, only the Demon Assassin can be selected for play currently but at least you can have the computer play as Oculus. These characters may be both the first and the last free additions to the game. Future contents will probably be offered via a micro-transactions - that is if the community would remain strong and continue to demand more from the game with Heroes of Newerth now being available for open beta. I think I am being lured back into the game again and I have a feeling that I will be playing a lot of Demigod in the days to come.

An over-powered rogue type? Quite possibly.

A floating blind minotaur... How very zen.

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