Thursday, April 19, 2012

StreetPass Tag Hunting Ground: Fry's

In this regular feature, I will be reporting the unexpected places where I received a StreetPass tag for my Nintendo 3DS. I bring my 3DS pretty much everywhere these days, an action that is made easier thanks to the Hard Pouch. Hopefully, these articles will help you plan out the places you need to hit in that desperation to score just one more visitor to your Mii Plaza. Today's location is not that extraordinary because you should be getting easy tags here but it made the list because the tag itself is somewhat unique.

Fry's Electronics. Now serving free StreetPass tag?

I have been to Fry's Electronics many times before and even though I always expect to get a lot of tags from the store, that has not been the case. Apparently, people don't think that it's a good idea to bring their 3DS handhelds with them to a store that has a huge video game section. Last night, the spouse wanted a new computer so we went to Fry's to check out our options. We walked out of there with a nice quad-core Hewlett-Packard computer - I am baffled that the spouse got a quad-core before I do but at least my dual-core is still amazing for being able to handle The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings really well. Of course I was a bit envious but I am in no rush to get a new motherboard. The tag pictured above is special because apparently, it's from one of the employees who managed to give me a store greeting with his Mii. This guy has a lot of puzzle panels as well. Whether the brand messaging was influenced by his personal pride for being a Fry's employee or he may be using the company's 3DS will remain a mystery - I am also unable to associate that face to any of the regular associates I see working there - but the fact remains that this should encourage other video game retailers to perhaps adopt StreetPass tagging as a way to endear themselves to their customers. It would be great to have a representative, or two, or three, from each major retail chains in my Mii Plaza. But of course you will never, ever see me with one that says "Welcome to Walmart!" nor "Welcome to GameStop!"



Chalgyr Vokel said...

It does seem like that would be a more natural location than say... a furniture shop. :P I've taken mine to Gamestop, Best Buy, Walmart, to work (I work at a friggin' software company). no dice yet. my son's picked up quite a few from school though just of late.

Loner Gamer said...

You could have your son bring your 3DS with him to his school once in a while. No one at work got a 3DS eh? That's a bummer but sharing one's enthusiasm about one's gaming hobby at a professional workplace has always been quite difficult for the most part.