Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Extremes of Valoran Social Spectrum

Last night, I picked up two more alternate skins for League of Legends on the Personal Computer: These two looks are certainly opposites of one another as one represent a class and the other, the lack thereof? The default Gragas is a disgusting half naked drunkard of a morbidly obese man and what can be even more tasteless than that other than having him strap on a denim overall and color his facial hair blond with his Hillbilly Gragas skin. Now Sona also decided to go blond with her Muse Sona skin but the effect is definitely a lot different with her. I do prefer this new hairdo because her default blue hair is a bit too anime for a League champion and my taste. The white dress is nice and true to Sona's sense of style, it's still vulgar enough to showcase her... assets.

I think Sona could easily fit inside Gragas' bloated tummy.

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