Saturday, April 7, 2012

March 2012 Gaming Analysis

The results shown below are of course based on the combined data from the Daily Game Log which should provide a clear indication of a game's usage frequency. Bear in mind that even if a game is played twice or more during a particular day, it would still register as 1 in the Day Count column below. In a sense, "merits" are given based on how often a particular game can make me play it again throughout the entire period of the month on a daily basis. A game that makes a gamer play it over and over again or at least spend a lot of time with it... Isn't that what we mostly want from a great game? I don't think it's really fair to count all the way down to the number of hours played since some games only require a short amount of time to properly serve their purposes.


Total Games Played: 56

I was a little worried that my interest in League of Legends for the Personal Computer may be waining when I stopped playing it for several days but it didn't take that long to get addicted by the game again once I jumped back on it. I was expecting DOTA 2 Beta to shoot all the way up once I have gained access to play it but surprisingly, that hasn't been the case. Perhaps I am just a bit too cautious about the game's community. I have only been playing the versus bots mode and even in there, I found a large number of unsavory people. I must say that I am very impressed with the intelligence of the bots in DOTA 2 - sure, they have their quirks, like the inability to make a decision to come back to base to stop a large push but overall, they offer quite a challenge. I am going to continue to learn the game's nuances this way before I start playing the regular matches against human opponents.

Sine Mora for the X-Box 360 did get a good number of play last moth but it is another game that I thought I was going to come back to over and over again but I didn't. It's such a great game however but mastering that time extend mechanics can be somewhat a frustrating experience. I have to go at it Ikaruga-style and play the game nonstop for months on end and I am sure if I do that, I will get very far with it.

This Month's Inductees:

Total Inductions: 36

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