Friday, April 27, 2012

Getting Comfy with the G700

Last week, I got the Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700, which is actually my first specialized gaming mouse. I have been wanting the Razer Naga Epic Gaming Mouse for the longest time but the high price has always been a deterrent. The G700 is definitely a more economical choice with only slight sacrifices in overall features. There is nothing wrong with gaming with a regular mouse but the reason why I have been itching for one with a lot of buttons on it is to to make playing certain games a lot more convenient. The keyboard + mouse combo controls in Personal Computer gaming is easily the most flexible form of game controller ever but sometimes, the developers do get a little crazy with the control setup. The one thing in particular that has always been a concern of mine is when I have to utilize the whole row of number keys on the top portion of the keyboard. This particular setup can often be found in dungeon crawlers and role playing games. I never have a problem with this in a massively multiplayer online RPG however because I would just click on the icons in the quickbars instead of going crazy with the keyboard presses. I think that in the perfect control setup for the keyboard + mouse combo, the keyboard itself should be limited to only a couple of action inputs and menu keys on top of the character movement control, which usually adheres to the WASD standard but of course some games just cannot accommodate that, and they shouldn't - and this is where the G700 gaming mouse comes in.

You can tell a good mouse by the extreme curve of its body?

The main feature of a gaming mouse, besides the lightning fast input response, which can be hard to gauge - I think we should be more worried about online lag - is that it has customizable buttons on it. In the case of the G700, you get 10 additional buttons than what you would normally find in a regular mouse. Input demanding games are all of a sudden made simpler because everything is quickly accessible on the mouse. League of Legends is not a complicated game to control but often times, I would mistakenly press the wrong key where while attempting to activate an item which is assigned to the top number keys by default, I would activate an ability instead, which is normally assigned to the next row under on the QWER keys. Now, I am able to just transfer the item activation input to the buttons found on the side and top left hand side of the mouse and ever since I have done that, the game now plays a lot smoother for me with no more key press errors. Bear in mind however that hitting the additional buttons on the mouse itself does take a some practice because one has to get used to their placements, which is easy to reach by slightly moving one's index finger and thumb. But once you are familiarized with them, it becomes second nature to get to them. I assigned the number keys to these extra mouse buttons to make it easy for me to customize controls across games that take advantage of the mouse and this actually eliminate the need for me to create multiple profiles using Logitech's SetPoint software. I have only taken advantage of this mouse while playing LoL, DOTA 2 Beta, and Torchlight but I am really looking forward for the convenience it will bring to my other games both new and old. There is also a macro programming function that I have yet to explore. The mouse does drain a lot of battery power  even when I am not using the two gaming power modes because it only runs on one AA battery so it requires constant recharge attention. Despite that one setback, those who are looking for a new mouse with the ability to enhance their PC gaming experience, this Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700 is definitely worth the investment.

RATING: 4 out of 5

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Chalgyr Vokel said...

Good review. I just use a typical wireless mouse - but my home setup is a bit odd as I don't have a desk or anything for my mouse - I just use it on the armrest of my recliner. :P