Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dragon Age: Origins - A Digital Dilemma

If I didn't have Borderlands fixed yesterday, I would probably have Dragon Age: Origins by now. The thoughts of buying Dragons Age comes with a dilemma though. I am a big supporter of digital download and I just can't wait until all games are distributed that way. All of the digital download games I have purchased in the past have been either games that are only available through digital distribution and games that are on sale for a very cheap price.

Right... I may be game crazy but I am not stupid.

The problem with digital download of readily available retail games is this - pricing similarity. Why is Dragon Age priced at $49.99 through digital distribution when I can pick it up at the store for the same price with something physical in my hands? The game cases is still a point of admiration for me so it is seemingly beneficial for me to pick up the game at retail. With the budget for manufacturing discs, manuals, cover art, and physical distribution taken out of the equation, I don't think the digital download version of Dragon Age should cost us more than $39.99 - the price point should probably be even less. After my recent purchase there, Direct2drive recently sent out a questionnaire about my buying experience and the one thing I hammered them on is the pricing issue on new games. I really hope they get the message. With the upcoming transition from physical to digital ownership, all of us gamers must keep a close eye on the pricing standard of digital download games because remember this - it is way cheaper for them to sell games that way.

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Blake said...

Don't you know that the price of everything today is influenced by the price of oil and the H1N1.

I've found that in my search for answers on the pricing of items if they are more than what they should be. It always comes back to economy and oil.

Of course we can't forget the Greedy CEO of gaming companies. They like to sleep on a bed of $100 bills. Anything less and they get back problems.

All joking aside, no answer is ever reasonable. We will always get some dance around the question and give some lame ass response that COMMON sense tells you that these people think were morons.