Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Borderlands Headache II

You just got to love gaming on the Personal Computer. When you have a monster rig that can support the latest and greatest games with ease, you are normally guaranteed a heck of a good time. But unlike games on the consoles though, when these games go bad, they do so with such ferocity and vengeance. Such is the case with Borderlands. Just as I am really getting into the game - it's very, very addictive and it is perhaps one of the best first person shooters ever made - I am now starting to experience numerous, repeated occurrences of fatal crashing while playing the game. You see, at least with the consoles, you don't get this kind of problem. What makes this situation so disappointing is that Borderlands is a darling of my game library - it's my 2000th game. This kind of bad experience should not have happened in a game that marks a moment of great history in my life as a gamer.

That's exactly how I feel at the moment...

When things like this happen, we PC gamers like to always first blame ourselves for the problem. I noticed that there was a new display driver for the Nvidia 9800 GTX so I thought, "Silly me! No wonder it crashes!" After updating the driver, the problem persists. Then I turned to the forums for answers and I have pretty much tried everything from installing old drivers to reducing the game's graphical settings (even though the game runs smoothly at 1080p at max settings). In a way, it's always good news when you see that many others are experiencing the same problem though. It's apparent that the game fails to work for many, many users. I am done trying to fix this game on my own. It's time for Gearbox to step in and do the dirty work - and fast. I still don't regret the decision of buying the PC version over the consoles - I just wished I purchased something else in its place. The graphical perks I get from this version is certainly noteworthy and this will not stop me from buying the very promising Dragon Age: Origins for the PC - I truly pity the poor souls who can only play that game on the consoles... Go buy a capable gaming PC already. I just hope that Gearbox will release the patch for the PC version of this game very, very soon because things are not looking good right now with their reputation just when they got a killer game out. I will not be playing Borderlands again until then. For everyone else - at lease until the PC demo is out so you can test it out on your system - skip the console versions but wait for the patch before you pick up the game.


Blake said...

Always afraid of getting games for my computer. Don't want it to be one of those scenarios were I get it home and I don't have the proper drivers or its missing some component needed to play the game.

Also its so frikken expensive to keep my computer up to date. I had mine overhauled last year with all the latest doodads then in 3-6 months, something better comes along.

I don't update my computer that often. Its more for work than gaming with the PC. I like to play certain games on the PC, like when battlefront 2 came out. I enjoyed that a bunch.

But at the time my computer was 3 years old and I had to keep all my gaming settings down on the lowest settings even to play it.It was pretty funny, I did turn up the graphics just to see what it would look like, even if it wouldn't move. What happened was the geometry of the characters exploded. It was giant spike balls for characters.

Loner Gamer said...

There will always be better processor/graphics card on the horizon but one thing I notice is that the application of graphics technology has been slower over the past couple of years which means that even though better graphics cards are always in production, a high-end one should last you a good while. Yes, something better will always come along but it doesn't mean that yours becomes obsolete immediately... As long as you invested in a high-end graphic card that is.

The last time I upgraded my PC for gaming was last year and even to this date, there is hardly a "recommended requirement" on a game that even comes close to overthrowing my PC build. I only have problems running games when (a) the game is released already broken and requires a patch, or (b) the developer lies about the system requirement of a game. With many games being released for both consoles and PC, developers are not just going to jump on new technology brought about by newer graphics card/processors because they still want to be able to port games between these platforms easily.

With Dragon Age: Origins out (if I am not mistaken, you are a fan of BioWare's games right?), perhaps it's a good time to upgrade your PC? With a good gaming rig, you no longer have to settle with the inferior version of a game when applicable.

Blake said...

Yes, Dragon Age has really peaked my interest. But because of my neuritic behavior. I have already obligated myself to not purchase any new games till the new year.

Where in the new year I will have Fallout3 - special Edition and Borderlands has 2 heavy RPG/FPS.

By the time I get through those, I think I will have my fill of RPG's. My Gaming needs comes in spurts.

Some times I feel like a good FPS. Then I get sick of that and I want to play a fighting game, then RPG or RTS or a DS or some Monkey Island on the PC.

Let alone that Dragon age is said to have 60 plus hrs of game time by the ign review crew or was it gametraiers. Either way, that's alot of hrs tacked on to an already large number of hrs for fallout and borderlands. I think it will be one of those games that I will get in the future for sure, it looks like a great time.