Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Loner Disappearance

If you were wondering why I stopped posting entries over the last couple of days - I hardly miss publishing at least an article per day lately - it is because for the last 2 and a half days, I was in the Los Angeles area for some fun time away from home. I was in Disneyland on Thursday, Universal Studios on Friday, and the Knott's Berry Farm for several hours today. I had a great time and it was nice to spend a little bit of my personal time away from video games for a couple of days. I did bring the Nintendo DS along for the ride but I only used it at the airport and to test the Wi-Fi strength at the hotel where I was staying. I have never been to Universal Studios before and let me just tell you this: Even if you are not a fan of thrill-rides, you just have to ride the new The Simpsons attraction there. It is the most fun "roller-coaster" ride I have ever been on. Though it's a virtual coaster, the illusion of vertigo created by the ride is quite intense and it gives you a lot of ride scenarios that are just not possible anywhere else. I don't get excited over anything else but video games and movies so the act of me writing a recommendation about this ride should tell you that it is indeed really, really special. Here are a couple of pictures I took during my short little vacation. More snippets can be found on here.

A Star Wars skit at Disneyland. I love that Darth Vader costume!

If you ever get to visit Disneyland, make sure you stay until closing.
You don't want to miss the park's breath-taking fireworks show.

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