Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Purchase Regret: Resident Evil 5

Would it hurt me to wait 6 months for the Personal Computer release of Resident Evil 5 to come out after it was released for the consoles in March of this year? It would have been slightly painful but it wouldn't have killed me. The PC version has been out for a couple of months now but the ever curious person that I am, I just had to run the benchmark demo to check out the difference between it and the console versions even though I have pretty much played this game to death already on the X-Box 360. The good news is that the console version is very close to the PC version when it comes to the overall visual impact. The real difference here is in the clarity of the image - on the PC, the game can run at native 1920 x 1080 instead of the upscale junk on the 360 or the stingy 720p on the PlayStation 3. Not a revelation overall but certainly the best looking version of the game. Also, this is the first PC game that can run circles around my PC setup at 1080p with everything set to max. The game can never quite get a steady 60 frames per second, even with anti-aliasing off. With the best anti-aliasing on, the game runs slightly below 30 frames per second. Still, I would have preferred to purchase this version - it's even Live-enabled! This is the second time this has happened to me with a game from Capcom so I now have a plan in place: I am not buying any more big console releases from Capcom when they first hit the market. I will give it about 3 months for the PC version announcement before making a move - they are greedy enough to know that the hype generated from those games doesn't last too long. Yes, I am looking at you, Bayonetta.

As pretty as the console version but way, WAY sharper.

Finally, a game that gives my PC a nice workout.


Dan said...

Heya matey, just came across your Blog while looking for RE5 on PC info. Good read! Was worried that the PC version wouldn't live up to the 360 version. From the looks of it, graphically, it seems that it trumps the other versions. Perhaps the aiming is somewhat easier as well? Is it now mouse based? I believe RE4 on PC was tough on the keyboard with zero mouse support at release? Not sure if that changed or not.

Dan @ Gameolio.com

Loner Gamer said...

If you have the right PC for it, it's definitely the version to get. Since it was just a benchmark demo, I wasn't able to actually play the game but I would hate to use a keyboard and mouse to play it. Thankfully, it is Live-enabled and it works perfectly with the X-Box 360 controller (the wired one or via the wireless receiver) so I would recommend playing the game with that.