Friday, November 6, 2009

PS3 Netflix Service

My Instant Streaming Disc from Netflix for my PlayStation 3 has finally arrived! I am very excited about this because as I have posted previously, I rather not use my X-Box 360 for anything but gaming. Sadly, the streaming service - which is provided free if you have a qualifying subscription account with Netflix - is noticeably inferior than what is provided via X-Box Live... At least for now.

Disappointment 1: The disc must be inserted per use.

As I stated in the caption above, you have to keep the disc handy if you want to use the service unlike the direct to HDD installation provided on the X-Box 360. More disappointing is the fact that the resolution is stuck at 720p, even for high definition streams - On the X-Box 360, you can upscale the signal to 1080p. Another strange omission I found is the lack of true digital sound. I was able to get a Dolby Digital signal on the X-Box 360 while using the Netflix service there but I am only getting a stereo signal on the PS3. The good news here is that the service is still new for the PS3. Let's hope that future firmware updates will improve upon what is available at the moment.

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