Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rock Band Love... Like Winter

I am not one who follow closely to the added song selections on sale for Rock Band 2 that I own for the X-Box 360 - I mostly check the new releases for SingStar on the PlayStation 3 instead. I purchased Rock Band 2 because of the "guitar-playing" more than the singing because I am not that rock and roll vocally. There are a number of songs that are actually fun to sing in RB2, like the stuff by Panic! At the Disco and some of the more melodic classic rock tunes. I turned on my 360 to check out the new features released for the console - which I will discuss tomorrow - and I was very surprised to see the announcement of a new RB2 song pack featuring the works of AFI. I love some of their songs and one of my favorites - Love Like Winter - was available for download. The pack contains 5 songs but I decided to just get that one track because the other four (from the band's recently released album) were quite mediocre. I had been dying to see the release of this song on any of my karaoke games so I just can't help but share the happiness that I am feeling at the moment. Maybe Silver and Cold next? Pretty please?

Now that's my kind of love.

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