Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bad Ultimate Edition: God of War III

In April of this year, I completed a Sony survey that was conducted to determine the fate of the collector's edition packaging of the upcoming God of War III. The one thing that I was urging them to include with the game was access to the first two games on one Blu-ray disc. Well, we all know now that Sony is planning to re-release the first two games for the PlayStation 3 but the unfortunate thing here is that GoW III's "Ultimate" edition will not include those games. It figures - Sony wants money. It was obvious what Sony's intent was when they first announced the re-release so it is no surprise that the "Ultimate" edition will not include them. What do you get instead? A large box, an art book, a couple of soundtrack CDs, a video documentary, and exclusive digital contents. Overall, a disappointing announcement. After seeing how everyone went gaga over the possible inclusion of the first two games with a special version of GoW III from the survey result, Sony turned what could have been the best "Ultimate" edition ever released into a missed opportunity of epic proportions.

Shouldn't the soundtrack be unlockable in-game and not packaged separately?
The Pandora's Box looks nice but I rather have the remastered GoW and GoW II.

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