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Friday, November 13, 2009

More Heroes of Newerth Closed Beta Keys!

Heroes of Newerth is getting closer and closer to open beta but are you sick and tired of waiting to play this awesome game? If so, I have 3 more closed beta keys to give away! Don't you just love the L.G.? It's first come, first served as always but I want to do this a bit differently this time because of the flood of emails I got from the previous HoN beta key giveaway - this game is insanely popular! First, post a comment requesting the key here and then end the request with your email address. Example, my email is loner.gamer@yahoo.com - so my comment would be somehing like, "I so desperately need HoN beta key pretty plzzzzzzz! - loner.gamer@yahoo.com". Then, follow up with an actual email sent to my email address mentioned earlier. If you already have a Blogger profile and your email address is in the profile, you only have to drop a comment here without the naming convention in the first step and you can skip the second step entirely. I will update this article as the keys are given away.

Update Note: 11/14/2009, 5:54am - 1 gone, 2 left!
Update Note: 11/14/2009, 9:10am - 2nd key has been given away. Second Anon is missing step #2 - do it quick if you're reading this! 1 more key to go.
Update Note: 11/14/2009, 1:35pm - I thought that the instruction I left in this article was clear enough - the final key is still available.
Update Note: 11/15/2009, 7:20am - The last key has been claimed.

I have 3 more! Are you one of the fortunate 3?
This Friday the 13th may be your luckiest day ever!


Anonymous said...

Hi can i plz have a beta key :D
- feralnam55@gmail.com

Anonymous said...


just do it man
and thanks

Rasmez said...

Please i want a beta key, i'm dsperate! my email is ricardo.cdl.vr@gmail.com

Diego said...

Plz give me a key


Anonymous said...

Hello there!
Id love to get a beta key please!
email: g_holst87@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Would love to have that last HoN beta key if it's still available.


Anonymous said...

erm can i have a HoN beta key?? please...if its still available XD

Anonymous said...

erm can i have a HoN beta key?? please...if its still available XD


benjamin said...

plz sir can u give me a nice hon beta key.pretty plz with an ice crean cone with sprinkles fudge and cherries on it? Ben5045@gmail.com