Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Borderlands Crash Fix: Bizarro Edition

I don't know if I am just a glutton for punishment or just one persistent gamer but I jumped on the official Borderlands forum again and after reading the many sad stories of crashes similar to the cause of my own headache, I found this curious little post. I have tried everything as I mentioned before but I certainly haven't tried manually locking the speed of my graphics card's fan to a certain percentage. I figured I had nothing to lose and then what the heck it actually works! It's obvious now that whatever bad programming that was done on the game, it had some strange relationship or symbiosis of sort with the fan speed and temperature reading of the user's GPU. It is not a heat issue for the PC and it really doesn't make a lot of sense because my GPU temperature sits around 64-67C while the game is running 1080p with all of its bells and whistles on which shouldn't result in any kind of problem. Other more graphically demanding games, like Crysis, runs fine on my PC even at a higher GPU temperature. The guy who posted the solution mentioned that this fix resulted in no crashing nor freezing for him but I still encounter freezes that lead to graphical corruptions while using this method. I haven't encountered anymore fatal crashes though which is an extraordinary accomplishment. Now, I can actually finish a long quest and turn it in! I'll try to increase the fan speed a bit more and see where that takes me. At least I can now play the game while I dream about that ultimate patch that all of us are waiting for.

Update Note: 10:40pm - I locked the fan speed at 70% and that eliminated the graphical corruptions even though the game did freeze up for a minute a couple of times during my 2 hour play session.

Update Note: 11/05/2009 - Well, this quick fix doesn't work 100% of the time. I got a couple of random crashes again tonight and once, I was just 30 seconds into the game and I was merely perusing the game map! Maybe I've just been lucky ever since I tweaked the fan speed?

Update Note: 11/07/2009 - No occurrence of random crashes with many hours of gameplay yesterday. It probably doesn't make a difference but I stopped using nTune to configure the fan speed (I uninstalled it too) and use RivaTuner instead.

Most of the time, the graphical corruptions look like splashes of crazy looking colors.
Once, it looks like my screen was possessed by something from another plane of existence.

When a game badly needs a patch, you can kiss your logic goodbye.
Click here for my PC specs - and I am using Windows XP 64.


Anonymous said...

Borderland uses 100% GPU power non-stop,
pushes your graphics card harder than Furmark !!!

If you have an aging graphics card,
it will kill it in a very short peroid of play time.

Darren James said...

I wonder if its an Win XP-x64 problem? I'm running the same and the game crashes pretty much every hour :(