Thursday, January 31, 2013

Windows 8 Here I Come?

Today is the last day for the Windows 8 upgrade promotion before the price for it begins to skyrocket. But with the way Windows 8 has been selling, perhaps they should keep offering it at that super low price? Since my new Personal Computer came with Windows 7, I am also qualified for a much larger discounts to get it. The problem here of course is that Windows 8 hasn't been getting that good of a publicity and it was hard to find good recommendation from other gamers in regards to the operating system's impact on gaming. As far as the Steam community goes, those who don't have Windows 8 seem to want to steer clear from it while early adopters only have to say nice things to say about about it: typical. For me, game compatibility is the one major concern even though just like any other OS upgrade, there always seem to be a way around that problem. I personally think that the new Metro interface looks pretty cool even though it is obviously inspired by the X-Box 360 dashboard and the touchscreen control. None of my close gaming friends have adopted Windows 8 and it looks like I will be the first to jump on board... Half-way that is. I have decided to get the upgrade but I will wait before I actually install this thing - when the upgrade download was complete, I selected the upgrade via media option and saved the install file as an ISO image.  Maybe I will wait for the eventual service pack that usually comes with plenty of fixes. With Sonic and All-Stars Racing: Transformed coming out today, I am not going to risk being unable to play that game. Oh wait: The system requirements claim that it's Windows 8 compatible! Hmm...

You know what would have made this easier for a lot of people?
Make past and future X-Box games playable on Windows 8.

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