Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013: The Year of the Wii?

I finally forced myself to use my Wii U tonight and not even for the purpose of doing something particularly Wii U-ish for I decided to play a Nintendo Wii game on it. I did notice from the main screen that the TVii functionality is now available. Since I barely spend my time watching television shows in my Game Room - I normally watch TV with the spouse in the living room - I have a feeling that I will not be using TVii but I will definitely check it out in depth over the next couple of days. So I browsed through my Wii games and decided on Wario Land: Shake It! I really thought that I had played this game before. I knew that I had never completed the game but I was then very surprised to find out that I actually never did play this game ever since I got it. I found no save file available for me to continue the game with and I actually didn't remember watching the cute cut-scene at the beginning of the game at all. My poor, poor Wii. Sorry that I have been too distracted to give you much of my time. My Wii games certainly deserve my attention and I will prioritize them over the other console games this year. Sorry, my Personal Computer gaming will always come first however...

Dismissing a quality platform game is just not me. What have I become?

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