Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Body Magic: An "I'm Getting Old" Story

I have not been gaming comfortably ever since the arrival of my Wii U. This is because I have not completely set up my Nintendo GameCube to my entertainment system. The condition in my Game Room has to be utterly perfect to foster the best gaming experience possible for me and that includes physical games being put away into their respective cases or the controllers placed next to my gaming chair in proper alignment  With the Nintendo Wii being retired into the Game Treasury, the GameCube needs to be readily available in case I am in the mood for some Cube action. I had taken out the GameCube from its retail box and even connected the Game Boy Player to it but none of its cables are properly connected. I had enough of feeling weird about this whole thing and decided to muster up the courage to venture into that world of wire hell - yes, things don't look too nice behind the scene since I have so many gaming devices hooked up to my receiver. After I managed to get the GameCube's component cable to the back of my display - I ran out of component inputs on the receiver - I noticed that I actually needed a component video cable splitter to get the job done.

A nasty uh-oh moment.

This thing was supposed to be included with my display but then I realized at that point that I did not recall where I have stored it. To be honest, I was scared because I did not even recall ever seeing it before and I thought that I had accidentally thrown it away when I dumped out the packaging materials for the display. I spent a couple of hours looking at the regular spots where I would normally place such a cable but I still couldn't find it. The spouse hadn't seen a cable that matched my description and at that point, I almost surrendered to the notion that I would never find it and that perhaps, I should just order the replacement for it. At that very moment however, I calmed myself down and took a deep breath. I told myself that the cable was still inside the house and that I would find it eventually. With my body relaxed, I walked into the Game Treasury where I did most of my search and in the corner of my eyes, I caught a glimpse of the stacked boxes of LG 3D glasses that came with the display. I looked inside the opened box and there it was... The cable that I had been looking for!

This silly little thing almost ruined my day.

Of course the storage location makes perfect sense! I always try to store things in the most logical of places to ensure that I would be able to get back to them eventually. I was so excited to have finally found the cable that I ran downstairs to the living room to share with the spouse a fascinating revelation... If the brain had seen an object in the past, even when you think that you can't recall the location of said object, your body would be capable of leading you to the object if you just calm yourself down and think positive thoughts. Of course I had to conclude my tale by telling the spouse not to look at me like I was one of those crazy guests from the Maury show. I am getting old eh? Let's get this GameCube hooked up.

Update Note: 7:56pm - Finally got everything in order. My body is hurting right now because of the ridiculous amount of stretching involved to ensure that those wires don't get all tangled up in the back of the receiver and the entertainment center.

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