Wednesday, January 2, 2013

PS Vita: Game Desperation

The PlayStation Vita is a device that was doomed to fail from its conception, we all know that for a long time. Heck, the only reason why I got it was because I wanted to use it for my digital PlayStation Portable games. I really don't understand why Sony actually even bothered getting back into the handheld business after the utter failure of the PSP. Ever since I got the Vita a couple of months ago, I did find some enjoyment from the handheld but it is apparent at this point that Sony has pretty much abandoned the Vita. I was browsing the PlayStation Network Store this morning and the only fascinating thing I found there for the Vita was... Jetpack Joyride by Halfbrick Studios? It's free so I did download it with much glee since I still enjoy playing the game on my iPad.
Free to play is the new "it" for a dead handheld.
The download was small and quick but then after taking it for a quick ride, I immediately noticed how inferior this version is compared to the one for the iPad thanks to the occasional odd chugging and slowdown. What I do like about this version however is that you get to control the game using the "Rear Touch" Pad. No, you don't control it from pinching your own butt cheeks or those that belong to others in close vicinity, but we are referring to the touch sensors on the back of the Vita here. Though accidental taps are bound to happen with this setup, at least now you get to enjoy the game's cute 2D graphics without your finger getting in the way. I suppose the most important thing here is that the game is free, unless you decide to participate in the optional micro-transaction, and the trophy whores would be joyous to know that the game actually has trophies to unlock. So this is what the Vita is becoming? A second grade tablet device?

Update Note: 3:43pm - Vita's bad luck continues as apparently, this game is also released for the PlayStation 3 itself today! I downloaded it since it's free so once again, Sony has ensured that the Vita is not getting anything special that only the Vita can provide. When it comes to the controls, the PS3 version is definitely the best because instead of the slippery touch input, you can now press a button to control Barry and it's a lot more accurate. Though it is very cool to be able to play this game on my big screen, I have discovered that the PS3 is less powerful than my iPad 2 because this version has plenty of slowdown and it's a lot worse than the Vita version. Ewww.

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