Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A European Getaway

So I am one of those guys who don't like to travel that much and I don't like to fly so visiting Europe, something that the spouse dreams of, is not a priority to me. To be honest, I rather just stay home and play video games than visit some foreign country just to be able to see something that I have already seen on television or the Internet. But what about doing something cooler in Europe instead of just being a mere tourist? You know, something like driving around European cities and experiencing the "thousands of miles of real road networks" while being able to check out the "hundreds of famous landmarks and structures" at my leisure? That my friend is the allure of the recently released, Steam Greenlight approved truck driving simulation game by SCS Software called Euro Truck Simulator 2! When I saw this on Steam today, I immediately added it to my Steam Wishlist. The idea behind the game is simple as you are tasked to "transport a vast variety of cargo across more than 60 European cities" but there is just something romantic and endearing about that gameplay promise. Is there something wrong with me? Maybe there is a hidden trucker inside of me? I suppose we will find out once I get this game...

This could potentially be my favorite Personal Computer game of 2013.

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