Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sony's Digital Download Future

I have been seeing this new commercial for the PlayStation Store where this hot girl is trying to seduce this average looking gamer at a party - yeah, this happens so regularly in real life - but then he meets this other nerdy gamer girl - yeah, mutual gamer to gamer love interest happens so frequently in real life too - and that non-gamer girl got so frustrated that she just couldn't get his attention that she proceeds to throw his retail games out of the window. Not that I am saying that gamers are usually not attractive. There are quite a number of real hot gamer girls and guys out there - no, fake hosts of popular gaming shows not included.

I myself am always tempted to do that with my physical games.

The guy then calmly explains to the gamer girl and his friends that there is no need for panic because they can just download games from the PlayStation Store! Worst commercial ever. I mean really? I would have that woman pick those games back up for me and sue her for the damages. It's not like Sony has a program where you can register your retail games somehow and get free digital copies for them so this guy may not realize that he will be charged money to download them. That party looks posh though so I think money is not something of a concern for these folks. So yeah, the commercial is not realistic but it's obvious that Sony is desperately trying to convey the digital download message to all PlayStation gamers because I believe that with their success of luring idiots to pay money for that PlayStation Plus program, they are beginning to see the profitability in offering game downloads exclusively. It's eventual for the entire gaming industry and Sony is realizing that now. Good for them.

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