Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Not So Secret Confession of a Spouse

You warned me, hun. You sure did after you caught me red handed last year when you sneaked into the Game Room after hearing what you thought was a continuous sound of sexual excitement. But weren't you glad at least to have found out that the sound came out of a video game instead of me? When I explained to you that I was playing the demo of a game called Scoregasm, you became even more repulsed. As soon as I finished saying "It's Scoregasm, not orgasm," you rolled your eyes and made me promise to never purchase the game. Well, the bad news here is that I did purchase the game during the last Steam Holiday Sale. I purchased it almost a week ago on the 3rd and I have been feeling guilty ever since: I just do not know how to break the news to you because I know you think that this game is bad for me. Please forgive me!

When you score hard, well, it's just bound to happen. That's nature.

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