Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just Go All Digital Already for Galaxy's Sake

I received a copy of Fable: The Journey for the X-Box 360 yesterday but since I was so busy setting up that Wii U, I didn't get the chance to check out the content of the game case until today. I wasn't that surprised to find that this game has no instruction manual. II do find it encouraging however that there has not been a no huge outcry about the lack of physical instruction manuals these days. I suppose most of these physical copy obsessed lunatics are just happy to hold on to cheap plastic cases and the game discs found inside. Then, I realized that Microsoft had printed the epilepsy warning for the game on the back of the cover slip where they urge gamers to pull out the slip and read it.
Unless there's a code for a free game hidden in there, I am not going to be doing that.
You know Microsoft, there is actually a better way to ensure that you make money from the games you sell than cutting corners and looking cheap while doing it. It's called digital distribution. Do it now and abandon all retail production of games immediately. Sure, a couple of thousands of people will cry and complain about it over the next couple of days but you know what will happen in a week's time? They will start moving towards where the cheese is located. I guarantee it. It's like "Oh I will never buy games ever again if they don't sell a physical copy! Oh what's that? You just released Halo Ultimate? Okay, here's my credit card! Let me go upgrade my Internet and download the game to my X-Box 360 tonight!" And you wonder why Steam is so successful?

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