Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nintendo: Awesome Digital Distribution

My experience with the recently acquired Wii U has been lackluster thus far. I think that the two dual-screen setup just doesn't work all that well with gaming on the big screen display. The Wii U Gamepad screen is awkward when there's only one video feed coming from of the Wii U, you can't completely turn off the screen of the Gamepad and this caused much redundancies. I can see how the second screen can be used for maps, menus, and inventory screens but then again, one can just access those things from the main display without much hassle. I do like being able to use the screen to interact with the Nintendo Network community while my display is set on my Personal Computer video input. I only have one game to play on the Wii U at the moment  and that is Nintendo Land so it is hard for me to judge the console's graphical prowess - so far, it looks like a high-definition version of the Wii with a little more shine - but I am thinking of getting a couple of games from the Nintendo eShop soon.
Nintendo is getting there...
The one thing that I am very impressed about with the Wii U is Nintendo's full support for digital distribution for the console. All the retail releases are also available in digital form! Amazing. Microsoft and Sony are very apprehensive about releasing new games on their online store with Sony easing up a bit on that very stupidity recently. If people are going to start downloading a lot of these games from the Nintendo eShop, I have a feeling that Nintendo will go full digital distribution. It's hard to judge if that is eventual however because one need to get an external hard drive, maybe 2TB even, to be able to download a lot of these games. I do plan to get one for the Wii U and as long as Nintendo fix the price point - $59.99 is just completely ridiculous - I will support Nintendo 100% with their digital distribution strategy. Thank you Nintendo for supporting the future of game distribution. Disbelievers of digital distribution, the end is near for you.

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