Friday, April 29, 2011

You Want a Blade with That Mount?

With the upcoming new release of the third entry for the series, Steam is currently offering discounted prices for all of the Mount & Blade games and I have decided to induct the Warband standalone expansion into my Game Library. Warband is an action role playing game and I am sure that you can guess from the title that there is an emphasis on battling your opponents while you are mounted on a horse. The game has a really open ended campaign and it also has some good multiplayer options. I will be spending more of my time playing the campaign and getting lost in the game's medieval era world. Compared to the original, the game looks slightly better but with a game like this, the focus is its solid gameplay than anything else. You know they always say - war is an ugly thing. Well, Warband definitely carries that sentiment rather well.

The game has some fancy lighting and water effects but the character models are questionable.

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